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A Short Origin Story


How It Started ?

From an Actionable Idea

Hi! I'm Ritvik. I started this site with an Idea for Making the Internet a Better and More Valuable Resource for Both Tech-Savvy and Non-Tech-Savvy Audiences. From a basic technical problem to a far more advanced one, aiming to cover everything at a Slow Pace without Compromising with Quality.

Reason For Starting ?

Value Proposition

It is not a smart idea to turn the internet into a money-making platform. Observing numerous businesses on the internet with a clear goal of delivering material just for the sake of profit and with no value proposition makes us feel bad for the audience (including ourselves) who blindly trust and follow their copied advice whether on buying an item or providing the content.

Vision ?

Making an Impact

The Categorizer is committed to creating the greatest guides and how-tos so you don't have to spend time scouring the web for the most organized information.

We are focusing on Value Creation, Rest will Follow.