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How to Enable Hotspot in Allowed Devices Only (Step by Step)

You’re sharing a mobile hotspot with your family, so you’re overthinking about your mobile data consumption or,

Using Hotspot in allowed devices only

Constantly fearing that your device’s hotspot may be hacked and the hacker might end up hacking all your connected devices on the network.

Use hotspot in allowed devices only to prevent hacking and data breach

Do you think so?
If your answer is Yes, then this article is meant for you.

To overcome this scenario, you have to turn on Hotspot for Allowed Device only.

Turning on the hotspot for approved devices is the same as turning it on, but only allowing selected users to connect to it.

​By the end of this article, you will be able to

  • Enable Hotspot for Allowed Devices only to limit number of people on your network,
  • Understand Pros and Cons of turning on hotspot for Allowed devices,
  • Determine whether or not to enable hotspot for specific devices.
Turn on hotspot for allowed devices only in android infographic with icons
Infographic to Explain the Methods to Turn on Hotspot for Selected Devices only, in android phones

Step #1: Open the Settings from the app drawer.

Android Settings App in App Drawer
Settings App

Step #2: Select the “WiFi” option, and here you will find the “Mobile Hotspot and Tethering” option, select it.

Selecting mobile hotspot and tethering option in android settings
Mobile Hotspot and Tethering

Step #3: You’ll see a three-dot menu (Kebab Menu) in the upper right corner; choose it.

Selecting the vertical menu in mobile hotspot section
Selecting Kebab Menu

Step #4: Now select the ‘Allowed Devices’ option.

Selecting allowed devices option from the vertical menu
Selecting “Allowed Devices” option

Step #5: Select the ‘Add Allowed Devices’ option.

adding device in allowed devices list
“Add” Allowed Device option

Step #6:

To connect a device, you must first enter its MAC address.

To find the MAC Address in the Android Smartphones, follow the given steps:

Step #1: Open Settings from the app drawer

Step #2: Navigate to ‘About Phone’

Step #3: Search for MAC Address

Step #4: Simply Note it

adding name of device and mac address to turn on hotspot in allowed devices
Add “Name” and “MAC Address” of device

Step #7: Select the ‘Add Allowed Devices’ option.

adding device name and mac address in allowed devices list
Add “Device Name” and IP Address

You know how to see the MAC Address, check!
You know how to turn on hotspot in allowed devices, check!

Have any doubts?
Move to the FAQ Section of this page.

Curious to know the features of turning on hotspot in allowed devices only?
Look at the Advantages and Disadvantages below.


Devices are vulnerable to attacks as a result of technical improvements, particularly owing to network access by hackers.
As a result, using the hotspot in chosen devices with the MAC Address will limit the risk of attacks while also improving security and privacy.


Many minor variables add up to cause increased mental anxiety, pressure, and stress, according to psychological research.

To some extent, we can also argue that being unsure about our Wi-Fi Hacking Assumption is a tiny component contributing to unnecessary psychological stress.

So, using the MAC Address to create a hotspot on the specified device will ensure that your device is not connected to any other device without your consent.


Selecting and turning on the hotspot on chosen devices takes a long time if you’re doing it on many devices at once.

How many devices can be connected to Hotspot with the allowed devices option enabled?

You can connect as many devices as you want.

Can we block the allowed device in hotspot’s allowed devices settings?

Yes, you can block as well as unblock the allowed device through the Hotspot’s “Allowed Devices” Settings.


So technically, enabling Hotspot in Devices in allowed devices is similar to enabling WiFi in any other device, with the exception that you will be using your phone to create the WiFi Network and no other devices will be able to join your network until you add its MAC Address.

Hotspot in Allowed Devices only in Android
Pacts being sent = Packets being received

So, considering the pros and cons, you can decide whether to use the call blocking feature or not.

Summing up, we have addressed the following issues in this article:

  • How to enable hotspot for selected devices only so you will able to limit number of users on your network,
  • Advantages and disadvantages of enabling hotspot for allowed devices,
  • Providing clarity whether or not to use “Hotspot in Allowed Devices” features.

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