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How To Clear Recent Search Suggestions in Google

Overview – Clear Recent Search Suggestions from Google

Google keeps showing the recent search history while searching. So, you are interested to hide the purple-colored website search suggestions text showing in the google searches.

stop showing recent searches in google
Stop Showing Recent Searches in Google Search

The recent Google search suggestions are displayed to enhance personalization and make it easier for the user to return to the previous search if their purpose is not served.

stop showing search suggestions in google
Show Trending/ Appropriate Searches instead of Recent Searches in Google Search

By the end of this article, you will be able to understand:

  • Why Google Show Recent Searches.
  • How to Stop Google from Showing Previous Searches.
  • Pros and Cons of removing recent searches

The main reason for Google displaying recent history is because the Google algorithms continue to track the user to understand their respective interests and providing them with the most relevant information.

The Algorithms are responsible for showing recommendations, and more personalized experiences to the users.

Due to more personalized suggestions in searches Google has faced heavy criticism from legal authorities about Manipulating the search results.

You can check the detailed article by Google Teams themselves on how Algorithms work.

This method works for other OS including IOS, Linux, and Windows as well if your browser is logged-in with Google Account.

Step #1: Open any browser you use frequently. Login to your Google Account account that you primarily use.

Screenshot of Opening Google Chrome in Android
Opening Google Chrome Browser
google my account to remove recent search in android
My Activity – Google

Step #3: Sign-In to your Google Account in the Browser. (Sign-in is only required if you haven’t already done so)

Signing in to Google Account to remove Google Recent Search
to Google Account

Step #4: Scroll down and click on the “Manage Personal Results” option in the Personal Results section.

managing personal results in google account
Manage Personal Results

Step #5: Toggle off the “Show Personal Results” option.

Turning off the show google personal results option in android
Turn off the “Show Personal Results” option

After turning off the “Show Personal Results” option, your account will be excluded from the following services:

  • Auto-complete predictions from your search history. This means that you will no longer be able to use auto-predictions until you turn onn this feature back.
  • Personal Answers based on information stored in your Google Account like “your locations”, “directions home”, etc.
  • Recommendations for you based on Your Google Account’s Activity that includes data like “where to eat”, “what to watch”, etc.

No More Purple Colored Recent Search

Some people might consider it as an advantage while others may consider it as a drawback, but once you turn off the Google Recent Search feature, you will no longer see the purple-colored recent suggestions.

No Auto Completion in Google Search

Once the “Personal Results” feature is turned off, then, Google will not be able to recommend the most appropriate autocompletion suggestion in the google search.

No Answers related to Personal Queries in Google Search and Apps

Once the “Personal Results” feature is turned off, then, Google will not be able to answer some of your queries such as “Tell direction to my Home”, “Directions to my Office”, etc.

No Recommendations by Google Discover

Once the “Personal Results” feature is turned off, then, Google will not be able to recommend articles, blogs, videos, etc, you like as a suggestion in Google Discover.

Can we turn on the Recent Searches after stopping?

Yes, you can turn on the recent searches anytime. These settings are revertable.

Can we permanently stop recent search history in Google Search?

Yes, you can keep the recent search turned off as long as you don’t need them. You will not be able to see recent searches in the Google search bar during this timeframe.

Does turning off Recent History in Google Searches affect other Google Application?

The Google applications that show Auto-Complete Predictions and provide Personalized Answers based on your Google Account’s Data, and Recommendations will keep working normally, but you will not be able to access/use these particular features only.


So, considering the pros and cons, you can decide whether to stop recent history in searches in Google or not. Now, over to you. As per your preference and comfort, this is totally your decision.

This method works for all platforms including Windows, Android, IOS, Linux, etc, if the browser you’re using is connected to your Google Account.

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