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Enable and Connect Remote Desktop in Windows 11 (All Ways)

remote desktop connection in windows

Overview – Remote Desktop Connection Remote Desktop Connection is a feature in Windows that allows you to connect to another computer over the internet without requiring external software or special hardware, but a fast internet connection for a smoother experience. It seems that you’re a system administrator opting for a remote desktop connection to manage … Read more

How to Find Computer Name in Windows 11 (All Ways)

how to find computer name in windows

Overview – Computer Name in Windows The computer name (also known as Hostname) is used to identify the device on BlueTooth, Hostsopt, and other connections. It seems that you’ve arbitrarily set the computer name while configuring Windows 11 and now you need the computer’s name to perform some specific task on your device. By the … Read more

How To Find WiFi Password in Windows (7 Ways)

how to show wifi password in windows

Overview – Find Wifi Password in Windows Entering the network password and connecting the computer to the network is a one-time effort, thereafter, the computer automatically connects to the saved network when it’s in range. This is one of the reasons why we tend to forget the network password. It appears that you forgot your … Read more

How To Check Environment Variables in Windows (6 Ways)

how to check environment variables in windows

Overview – Check Environment Variables in Windows Environment variables in Windows are used to store information that are used by applications and services. The Windows operating system defines a number of environment variables, and user applications and services can also further add additional environment variables. When you start a Windows program, the operating system creates … Read more

Enable Transparent Background in Windows Terminal (3 Ways)

how to enable transparent background in windows terminal

Overview – Windows Terminal Transparency By default, the Windows Terminal has a black background. One of the numerous customization options provided by Windows is the ability to adjust the transparency of the Windows Terminal so you can change the opacity of the Windows Terminal and make it less/more transparent based on your needs. It seems … Read more

How To Change Power Scheme in Windows 11 (3 Ways)

how to change power scheme in windows

Overview – Change Power Plan in Windows A power scheme is a set of power settings that you may utilize to manage how much power and performance your computer manages consecutively. Windows is delivered pre-built with a default balanced power scheme that is already optimized to save energy while maintaining a pleasant user experience by … Read more

How To Use Clipboard History in Windows 11 (Complete Guide)

how to enable, view, sync, and clear clipboard in windows 11

Overview – Clipboard History in Windows 11 The clipboard is a temporary storage location for information including text and images that may be copied and pasted into any document. The clipboard stores 24 items. If the twenty-fifth item is copied, the first item is automatically deleted. It is an easy-to-use utility and saves time for … Read more

How To Enable On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 11

how to enable on-screen keyboard in windows

Overview – On-Screen Keyboard in Windows An on-screen keyboard is a piece of software that replaces your physical keyboard with a virtual one. When you need to type something in Windows, you can use the on-screen keyboard, which is a software keyboard that shows on the screen. It’s a virtual keyboard, which is an alternative … Read more

How To Install Fonts in Windows 11 (4 Ways)

how to install fonts in windows 11

Overview – Install Fonts in Windows 11 Installing fonts on Windows may be a time-consuming process as you might get confused between different sorts of typefaces, each with its own set of installation requirements. Windows support different font formats such as OpenType (.otf), SVG, Embedded Open Type (.eot), TrueType (.ttf), WOFF, and WOFF2, which are … Read more

How To Change Screen Resolution in Windows 11 (8 Ways)

how to change monitor resolution in windows 11

Overview – Change Screen Resolution in Windows The amount of pixels on a monitor display is referred to as screen resolution. It’s significant since it has an impact on the quality of the photos and videos you see on your device. If your monitor has a low resolution, everything displayed on it will be pixelated, … Read more

Remove Password Complexity Requirements in Windows 11

how to disable password complexity requirements in windows

Overview – Password Complexity in Windows As per the Windows Password Complexity requirements, the Password must be set on the basis of the following details: Password must be 6 or more characters long. Must contain both uppercase (A-Z) and lowercase (a-z) characters. Must Contain Symbols (such as: #, @, etc) The user’s account name or … Read more

Virtual Desktops: How To Use Multiple Desktops in Windows 11

how to use virtual desktops in windows

Overview – Virtual Desktop in Windows 11 The Virtual Desktops is a productivity and management feature in Windows that allows users to create custom work environments by creating multiple desktops for various projects, especially when you need to manage them at the same time. For example: You want to run a design tool for prototyping … Read more

How To Enable or Disable Password Expiration in Windows 11

how to enable or disable password expiration in windows

Overview – Password Expiration in Windows 11 In some versions of Windows, the password expiry limit is set, after which the user is mandatorily required to change the password. To solve this, Password Expiration settings is the built-in Windows feature that allows the users to manage the password expiry timings. It seems that you’re tired … Read more

How To Find MAC Address on Windows 11 (All Methods)

how to find MAC Address in Windows 11

Overview – MAC Address in Windows 11 MAC Address (also known as Physical Address) comprises 12-digit hexadecimal numbers are shown in groups of two with colons separating each set of two digits assigned by the hardware vendor/manufacturer of your PC. The first three sections are Organizational Unique Identifier (OUI), responsible for identifying the manufacturer, and the other three sections network interface-specific values allotted to identify the network cards and are unique … Read more

How To Set Bandwidth Limit in Windows 11 (5 Ways)

how to set bandwidth limit in windows 11

Overview – Limit Bandwidth in Windows 11 The frequency at which a bandwidth-intensive device (a server) receives data or the speed (in B/KBps) of each data response is limited (throttled) by bandwidth throttling. If these constraints are not in place, the device’s processing capacity may be exceeded. When assessing the price for new consumers, services … Read more

How To Prevent Users From Changing Password in Windows 11

how to prevent changing password in windows

Overview – Block Users from Changing Password Windows allows the users to prevent the password from changing unless you’re not on a corporate network where your computer is managed by a system administrator in an organization. It seems that you want to prevent users from changing password in Windows or you want to fix the … Read more

How To Disable BitLocker Encryption in Windows 11 (8 Ways)

how to disable bitlocker in windowhow to disable BitLocker in windows

Overview – BitLocker Drive Encryption BitLocker Encryption is a means of using an encryption key to secure sensitive data on your drive in Windows. Encryption ensures that only authorized users have access to data stored on an encrypted volume, which is especially beneficial for portable laptops or workspaces. If you’ve more than one OS on … Read more

How To Increase Dedicated Video RAM (VRAM) on Windows 11

increase VRAM in windows 11

Overview – Increase VRAM on Windows 11 Video Memory (or VRAM) was developed to solve the problem of stuttering frame rates while rendering graphics. Frames are only supplied to the display as they become available, so if the graphics processing unit (GPU) can’t render them quickly enough, then, CPU has to grab the remaining frames … Read more

How To Delete User Profile From Windows 11 (All Ways)

how to remove user profile from windows

Overview – Delete User Profile in Windows 11 Windows user profile is a user account that is created on Windows for each new user on the system. It is a separate system from the administrator account and it contains information about that specific signed-in user’s settings, data, preferences, and apps. Note: This article doesn’t explain … Read more

Disable Service Host Delivery Optimization in Windows 11

how to turn off delivery optimization in windows

Overview – Disable Delivery Optimization Windows Delivery Optimization service (also known as Windows Update Delivery Optimization, WUDO and Delivery Optimization Service, DoSVC) is responsible to assist users in downloading Windows updates from other devices on the same network and then distributing them to those devices at a later time. This method conserves bandwidth and device … Read more

How To Set PATH and Environment Variables in Windows (3 Ways)

how to set path and system variables in windows

Overview – Set PATH and Environment Variables Path variables are environment variables that provide the location of a program. The default path variable system in Windows determines the folder where files are looked for. C:\Program Files, C:\Program Files (x86), C:\Users, and any additional directories on your hard disc fall under this category. Using the methods … Read more

How To Run Troubleshooters in Windows 11 (Complete Guide)

Windows 11 troubleshooting: How to use troubleshooters in windows

Overview – Troubleshooting Windows 11 Windows Troubleshooter is a built-in troubleshooting utility that allows users to automatically find and fix common issues without having to reset the computer and set up the operating system from scratch. It seems that some of the software or hardware components in your version of Windows are malfunctioning and you’re … Read more

How To Factory Reset Windows 11 (Complete Guide)

factory reset windows 11

Overview – Factory Reset Windows 11 Factory Resetting Windows is basically reformatting windows or uninstalling the troublesome version of windows as well as the third-party applications and replacing it with a fresh copy of Windows. When you are overstressed and suffering from a lot of mental tension, then there is a possibility that you might … Read more

How To Uninstall Sticky Notes in Windows 11 (2 Ways)

how to uninstall sticky notes in windows

Overview – Delete Sticky Notes in Windows The Sticky Notes application is a simple and easy-to-use note-taking tool preinstalled with Windows 11. It is designed for capturing and organizing short pieces of information, like ideas and things to do. The tool also offers a variety of formatting options, like color and size, for better organization. … Read more

How To Use Credential Manager in Windows 11 (Complete Guide)

how to use credential manager in windows

Overview – Credential Manager in Windows 11 Previously, Windows Credential Manager was introduced with Windows Vista as part of the Protected Storage system. It is a location where the Usernames, Passwords, Addresses, Login Information, and other sensitive data of a user are stored separately for both the web and System Activities and letting the users … Read more

How To Turn Off Sticky Keys in Windows 11 (All Methods)

how to turn off sticky keys in windows 11

Overview – Disable Sticky Keys in Windows It looks like you’ve turned on the sticky keys by mistake by pressing the “Shift” key five times continuously and hearing some background sounds when the modifier keys (such as Shift Key, Ctrl key, Windows key, and Function key) are pressed. Some people with impairments suffering from binding … Read more

How to Change Mouse Cursor on Windows 11

how to change cursor in windows

Overview – Change Mouse Pointer One of the reasons for the popularity of Windows 11 is its user interface design (UI Design). Even if you’ve switched to a tablet or touchscreen device like Microsoft’s amazing Surface Pro series, there are times when you simply need your trusty old cursor, especially with an operating system that … Read more

How To Delete Temporary Files Automatically in Windows 11

how to delete temporary files in windows automatically

Overview – Clean Temporary Files It seems that you want to automate the task of cleaning temporary files on your computer so that you can focus on other important tasks without moving out of storage. Data storage is already one of the biggest problems in computing. By default, Windows doesn’t delete the temporary files automatically, … Read more

How to Configure DHCP on Windows 11 Server

configure DHCP on windows 11

Overview – DHCP on Windows Server DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol which is actually an enhancement of BOOTP (Bootstrap Protocol) and can be used for addressing both the IPv4 and IPv6. A DHCP is a network server that distributes IP addresses, default gateways, and other network settings automatically to client devices including computers, … Read more

How To Turn Off Notifications in Windows 11 (5 Ways)

how to disable notifications in windows

Overview – Turn Off Notifications in Windows It seems that your workflow is usually obstructed by the untimely notifications displayed on the bottom right side of your desktop during work or while gaming. At this point, locating the cursor to turn off the notification repeatedly is time-consuming and distracting. The desktop notifications are usually displayed … Read more

How To Change The Cursor Size and Color in Windows 11

how to change mouse pointer color and size in windows 11

Overview – Change Cursor Color and Size Microsoft has kept the Windows mouse pointer/cursor almost the same from the first release of Windows Vista and the legacy continues till Windows 10 with few changes over time. But keeping the concept of Accessibility in mind, Microsoft has introduced a feature to change the color and size … Read more

Disable/Enable Desktop Background Slideshow in Windows 11

how to disable and enable slideshow in windows

Overview – Background Slideshow in Windows It appears that you’re obsessed with the continuously changing desktop background. You can choose various images collectively and display them in the desktop background in the slideshow form. You can also change the timing of the image transitions, image size, whether or not to shuffle photos, and whether or … Read more

How To Prevent Users from Changing Wallpaper in Windows 11

how to prevent users from changing background in windows 11

Overview – Prevent Users from Changing Wallpapers By default, Windows allows users to change the wallpaper on their computers. You may want to disable this feature if you don’t want users to be able to change them without your permission as you’re concerned if someone adds something inappropriate. Once you prevent the users from changing … Read more

How To Change DNS Server in Windows 11 [Faster Internet]

how to change dns server in windows 11

Overview – Change DNS Server in Windows It seems that you’re facing some DNS propagation and connectivity issues on your computer, thus causing trouble connecting to the internet. DNS servers play an important role in the Internet’s architecture and ecosystem. They convert domain names to IP addresses and vice versa. This translation is used by … Read more

How To Rename Your PC in Windows 11 (All Ways)

how to change pc name in windows

Overview – Change Computer Name in Windows The Computer Name is used to recognize other computers on a network and identify BlueTooth, Hotspot, and other connections using the host’s name (computer name). Once the computer name is assigned, and Bluetooth is turned on, the same device name will be displayed. It’s difficult to recollect the … Read more

Refresh Environment Variables in Windows 11 (Without Reboot)

how to refresh environment variables in windows

Overview – Environment Variables in Windows It seems that you’re learning to program and trying to refresh environment variables in Windows 11 without rebooting your computer and restarting your project and disrupting the workflow. The Windows OS provides a way for system administrators to change the values of environment variables in the registry. A special … Read more

How To Swap Left and Right Mouse Buttons in Windows 11

how to swap left and right buttons in windows

Overview – Invert Mouse Buttons in Windows According to research and statistical data, 10% of the world’s population is left-handed, and you appear to be one of them. Because the majority of individuals are right-handed, most gadgets, devices, and software are designed to accommodate them. However, Microsoft created the Windows operating system with accessibility in … Read more

How To the Calibrate Monitor in Windows 11 [Completely]

monitor calibration in windows

Overview – Calibrate Monitor in Windows You may have noticed some glaring inconsistencies on your screen while watching a movie or playing a game. Depending on the color and contrast ratio of your monitor, you are finding certain displays excessively bright or just too dim. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to … Read more

How To Enable or Disable BITS in Windows 11 (5 Ways)

how to enable or disable bits in windows 11

Overview – BITS in Windows 11 BITS service is mainly used by programmers, hackers, and network administrators in organizations responsible for fetching, downloading, and uploading files over HTTP servers. In the case of Windows, BITS is used to fetch and download Windows Updates from the Windows server and many other services discussed further in this … Read more

How To Allow or Block Access to Microsoft Store in Windows 11

how to allow or block store in windows 11

Overview – Allow or Block Windows Store It seems that you want to block other users from accessing the Windows Store or simply want to access the blocked Windows Store on your own computer. By following the steps in this article, you can block Microsoft Store to prevent downloading programs by other users without your … Read more

How To Check VRAM in Windows 11 (3 Ways)

how to check vram in windows 11

Overview – VRAM in Windows 11 VRAM (also called Video Random Access Memory) is basically the amount of memory that the graphics card possesses. The computer will start slowing down once there is not enough space for the graphics card to store new frames. At this point, it will need more VRAM in order to … Read more

How To Change Display Refresh Rate on Windows 11

how to change refresh rate in windows 11

Overview – Monitor’s Refresh Rate If your screen appears to be flickering frequently when gaming or viewing movies, you should utilize the maximum capabilities of your monitor to produce frames at the highest available resolution by increasing the refresh rate of Monitor. The Monitor refresh rate is the frequency at which a monitor displays an … Read more

How To Disable Windows Defender in Windows 11 Permanently

disable windows defender in windows 11

Overview – Disable Windows Defender Windows Defender is the built-in Windows Antivirus and Firewall protection responsible for blocking external cyber-attacks including malware, virus, and trojans from accessing, stealing data, and hijacking the system. It appears that Windows Defender is blocking some apps from installing on your version of Windows, so, that’s why you want to … Read more

How To Backup and Restore Registry in Windows 11 [Complete]

how to backup and restore registry in windows 11

It appears that you are about to configure built-in system files and customize your Windows Settings manually. So, you want to learn how to backup and restore the registry in Windows in case of any accidental misconfiguration occurrence. The Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that holds low-level settings for the Microsoft Windows operating system … Read more

How To Check DirectX Version on Windows 11

how to check DirectX version in windows

Overview – Check DirectX Version in Windows Microsoft DirectX is a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) for Microsoft platforms that manage activities linked to multimedia, primarily gaming, design involving Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs, coding involving Data Visualization, and rendering videos, graphics, and motion graphics. Some of the DirectX Apis involve Direct2D, Direct3D, DirectCompute, DirectDraw, … Read more

How To Perform a Clean Boot on Windows 11 (Complete Guide)

how to perform a clean boot in windows

Overview – Clean Boot in Windows 11 It appears that you’re facing some system errors including BSOD (Black Screen of Death, formerly called Blue Screen of Death until Windows 10) and software conflicts in Windows and want to troubleshoot the software compatibility issues. The Clean boot is the process of starting the computer and booting … Read more

How To Enable Windows Media Player in Windows 11

how to install windows media player

Overview – Enable Windows Media Player Imagine you’re intending to watch a movie on your computer late at night, and you discover that you don’t have a media player app installed on your PC. It would be a terrible feeling, Right?That’s why we have Windows Media Player pre-installed on PC, but it seems that your … Read more

How to Install and Use Connect App on Windows 11 (Wireless Display)

screen mirroring windows 11

Overview – Connect App in Windows 11 Connect App in Windows allows the user to connect two devices with different user interfaces including laptops, computers, smartphones, and tablets over the same internet connection to cast and project displays to watch videos, movies, presentations, etc. It involves the devices to be connected to the same network … Read more

How to Change Date and Time Formats in Windows 11

how to change date and time formats in windows 11

Overview – Change Date and Time in Windows The standard date and time format in Windows 11 include forward slashes and two digits indicating the Month, Date, and Year respectively, along with time in 12-hour format. Now, you might have unintentionally misconfigured the date and time settings or want to change its default format in … Read more

How to Clear Windows 11 Quick Access History in File Explorer

how to clear quick access history in windows 11

Overview – Quick Access History in File Explorer The main aim of Microsoft to add the Quick Access feature was to enhance the user’s productivity and help in managing frequently accessed files and folders quickly and efficiently. We can view the quick access history or recent files by opening the quick access history folder in … Read more

How To Clear Cache in Windows 11 [Complete Guide]

how to clear cache in windows 11

Overview – Clear Cache in Windows 11 Before we proceed let’s define caching in simple words, some data from apps and websites you visit are stored from the network to your device’s hard disk drive. This operation is called caching. The system of caching was mainly developed so that the devices can load assets much … Read more

How To Reset Local Group Policy in Windows 11 (2 Ways)

reset all group policy settings in windows 11

Overview – Reset Group Policy in Windows The Local Group Policy is a collection of rules and configurations that are applied to users and machines in a single domain or workgroup. It seems that you have mistakenly misconfigured the group policy settings while modifying it, due to which you are facing some functionality and usability … Read more

How To Disable Widgets on Windows 11 (All Methods)

how to disable widgets in windows 11

Overview – Disable Widgets in Windows In Microsoft Windows, a widget is one of the most versatile components. Without requiring to run a programs or start an application to perform a specific function (such as checking the weather status at your location), a widget allows you to access a variety of programs and information with … Read more

How To Block Users from Installing Programs in Windows 11

prevent users from installing software windows

Overview – Block Users from Installing a Program in Windows It appears that you are a system administrator in an organization searching for various methods to stop users from installing apps in Windows, or you’re a parent who wants to prevent your child from spending too much time playing online games by stopping programs from … Read more

How To Uninstall Cortana From Windows 11 [Completely]

errors such as: could not add the requested feature, error while attempting to set new desktop settings, execution of windows script host failed, unable to execute file: c:\users\file_path, are caused when program is blocked by group policy in windows 11

Overview – Uninstall Cortana in Windows 11 Cortana is a virtual assistant that uses artificial intelligence to help Windows users by learning their preferences and providing useful information. You can use Cortana to send emails or text messages, set reminders, create calendar events, search the web, check the weather forecast for your area, play music … Read more

How To Fix ‘This Program Is Blocked By Group Policy’ in Windows 11

how to fix the program blocked by group policy in windows 11

Overview – This Program is Blocked by Group Policy It feels frustrating when you try to launch a program on your device and it states “This Program Is Blocked By Group Policy”. The main cause of this problem is that some third-party software with administrative privileges enabled the Software Restriction Policy in the Group Policy, … Read more

How to Uninstall and Reinstall Drivers in Windows 11

how to uninstall and reinstall drivers in windows

Overview – Reinstall Drivers in Windows It appears that some drivers installed on your computer are not functioning synchronously with the hardware, there is a high possibility that there are some misconfiguration and incompatibility issues with your version of Windows or your device’s model/hardware. Let’s breakdown what we’re going to cover in this article: When … Read more

How To Backup and Restore Local Group Policy in Windows 11

how to backup and restore group policy in windows 11

Overview – Backup Group Policy in Windows 11 The Microsoft Management Console’s (MMC) Local Group Policy Editor is a collection of policies used to configure and change Group Policy settings within Group Policy Objects (GPOs). Throughout a distributed system, system administrators in organizations are able to easily alter Group Policy settings for many users and … Read more

How To Stop Apps from Running in Background on Windows 11

how to stop apps from running in background in windows 11

Overview – Stop Background Apps in Windows 11 The background apps and services keep running in the background and consume internet data and device’s battery. It seems that want to increase your computer’s performance and reduce internet data consumption by stopping background apps in Windows. Some applications keep running in the background checking for updates, … Read more

How to Update Drivers on Windows 11 (Complete Guide)

how to update drivers in windows

Overview – Update Drivers in Windows 11 A driver is a piece of software that enables the computer to interact with the hardware. The computer would be unable to access the USB drives, printer, mouse, keyboard or other hardware if drivers were not installed. Furthermore, device drivers play a critical role in security. Windows verifies … Read more

How To Disable Visual Effects in Windows 11 (Boost Speed)

how to disable visual effects in windows

Overview – Disable Visual Effects in Windows 11 Windows has always been evolving with time. One of the most recent changes in Windows is the new UI enhancements. One of these UI enhancements is visual effects and animations. It provides an eye-catching view on your desktop and makes your desktop feel more alive with animations, … Read more

How To Backup Registry Automatically in Windows 11 [5 Steps]

how to backup registry automatically in windows 11

Overview – Backup Registry Automatically It appears that you keep making changes in your device configuration frequently and at the same time keep it maintained. That’s why you’d like to back up your Windows registry automatically. By the end of this article, you will be able to backup registry automatically in Windows 11 with Task … Read more

How to Delete Windows.old Folder in Windows 11 (All Methods)

how to remove windows old folder in windows 11

Overview – Delete Windows.old Folder It seems that you’re looking to increase some storage in your device by wiping out some unused files, especially the previous windows installation files. The Windows Old Folder (also known as the Previous Windows Installation Folder) is a collection of files retained from the previous version of Windows. Depending on … Read more

How to Enable and Configure Storage Sense in Windows 11

how to enable storage sense in windows

Overview – Storage Sense in Windows It seems that you’re tired of frequent storage issues on your Windows OS and looking for some automation to clean unused files from the system. Storage Sense is a built-in Windows feature assigned the task of monitoring and freeing up the device’s space automatically. Whenever your computer is low … Read more

Permanently Delete Files in Windows (No Restoration For Sure)

How to delete Files Permanently in Windows without any possibility of restoration

Overview – Deleting Files Permanently in Windows You might be aware that using Ctrl + Shift + Esc Key Combination delete files, programs, and other media permanently. But the reality is that these files can be restored simply by using any file restoration software. I will tell you how to delete files permanently in windows … Read more

How to Record Any Meeting Without Host’s Permission in PC

how to record meetings without permission in windows

Overview – Recording Meetings without permission The frequency of conference calls and video meetings is increasing as more firms, and education institutes go digital. You probably feel pressured to document every meeting you attend as an employee or student, even if it isn’t a productive or formal meeting. Meetings are a necessary part of the … Read more

Allocate More RAM To Specific Apps in Windows 11 (Updated)

how to allocate more ram in windows

Overview – Allocate More RAM to Specific Apps in Windows 11 The amount of RAM available in any computing environment is one of the crucial components influencing system performance. It appears that you want to prioritize specific apps over others to increase performance. RAM Allocation is the amount of memory consumed to execute and run … Read more