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Virtual Desktops: How To Use Multiple Desktops in Windows 11

how to use virtual desktops in windows

Overview – Virtual Desktop in Windows 11 The Virtual Desktops is a productivity and management feature in Windows that allows users to create custom work environments by creating multiple desktops for various projects, especially when you need to manage them at the same time. For example: You want to run a design tool for prototyping … Read more

How To Turn Off Notifications in Windows 11 (5 Ways)

how to disable notifications in windows

Overview – Turn Off Notifications in Windows It seems that your workflow is usually obstructed by the untimely notifications displayed on the bottom right side of your desktop during work or while gaming. At this point, locating the cursor to turn off the notification repeatedly is time-consuming and distracting. The desktop notifications are usually displayed … Read more

How to Enable and Configure Storage Sense in Windows 11

how to enable storage sense in windows

Overview – Storage Sense in Windows It seems that you’re tired of frequent storage issues on your Windows OS and looking for some automation to clean unused files from the system. Storage Sense is a built-in Windows feature assigned the task of monitoring and freeing up the device’s space automatically. Whenever your computer is low … Read more

How to Rotate Screen in Windows 11

how to rotate display orientation in windows 11

Overview – Rotate Screen in Windows 11 It seems that you’re a programmer who prefers viewing the code on a vertical monitor. Changing the screen orientation on your computer is a feature that allows you to rotate the screen in Windows. You may use the device in both landscape and portrait modes using this feature, … Read more