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Enable Transparent Background in Windows Terminal (3 Ways)

how to enable transparent background in windows terminal

Overview – Windows Terminal Transparency By default, the Windows Terminal has a black background. One of the numerous customization options provided by Windows is the ability to adjust the transparency of the Windows Terminal so you can change the opacity of the Windows Terminal and make it less/more transparent based on your needs. It seems … Read more

How To Enable On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 11

how to enable on-screen keyboard in windows

Overview – On-Screen Keyboard in Windows An on-screen keyboard is a piece of software that replaces your physical keyboard with a virtual one. When you need to type something in Windows, you can use the on-screen keyboard, which is a software keyboard that shows on the screen. It’s a virtual keyboard, which is an alternative … Read more

How To Install Fonts in Windows 11 (4 Ways)

how to install fonts in windows 11

Overview – Install Fonts in Windows 11 Installing fonts on Windows may be a time-consuming process as you might get confused between different sorts of typefaces, each with its own set of installation requirements. Windows support different font formats such as OpenType (.otf), SVG, Embedded Open Type (.eot), TrueType (.ttf), WOFF, and WOFF2, which are … Read more

How To Change Screen Resolution in Windows 11 (8 Ways)

how to change monitor resolution in windows 11

Overview – Change Screen Resolution in Windows The amount of pixels on a monitor display is referred to as screen resolution. It’s significant since it has an impact on the quality of the photos and videos you see on your device. If your monitor has a low resolution, everything displayed on it will be pixelated, … Read more

How To Turn Off Sticky Keys in Windows 11 (All Methods)

how to turn off sticky keys in windows 11

Overview – Disable Sticky Keys in Windows It looks like you’ve turned on the sticky keys by mistake by pressing the “Shift” key five times continuously and hearing some background sounds when the modifier keys (such as Shift Key, Ctrl key, Windows key, and Function key) are pressed. Some people with impairments suffering from binding … Read more

How to Change Mouse Cursor on Windows 11

how to change cursor in windows

Overview – Change Mouse Pointer One of the reasons for the popularity of Windows 11 is its user interface design (UI Design). Even if you’ve switched to a tablet or touchscreen device like Microsoft’s amazing Surface Pro series, there are times when you simply need your trusty old cursor, especially with an operating system that … Read more

How To Change The Cursor Size and Color in Windows 11

how to change mouse pointer color and size in windows 11

Overview – Change Cursor Color and Size Microsoft has kept the Windows mouse pointer/cursor almost the same from the first release of Windows Vista and the legacy continues till Windows 10 with few changes over time. But keeping the concept of Accessibility in mind, Microsoft has introduced a feature to change the color and size … Read more