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How To Find WiFi Password in Windows (7 Ways)

how to show wifi password in windows

Overview – Find Wifi Password in Windows Entering the network password and connecting the computer to the network is a one-time effort, thereafter, the computer automatically connects to the saved network when it’s in range. This is one of the reasons why we tend to forget the network password. It appears that you forgot your … Read more

How To Change Screen Resolution in Windows 11 (8 Ways)

how to change monitor resolution in windows 11

Overview – Change Screen Resolution in Windows The amount of pixels on a monitor display is referred to as screen resolution. It’s significant since it has an impact on the quality of the photos and videos you see on your device. If your monitor has a low resolution, everything displayed on it will be pixelated, … Read more

Remove Password Complexity Requirements in Windows 11

how to disable password complexity requirements in windows

Overview – Password Complexity in Windows As per the Windows Password Complexity requirements, the Password must be set on the basis of the following details: Password must be 6 or more characters long. Must contain both uppercase (A-Z) and lowercase (a-z) characters. Must Contain Symbols (such as: #, @, etc) The user’s account name or … Read more

How To Set Bandwidth Limit in Windows 11 (5 Ways)

how to set bandwidth limit in windows 11

Overview – Limit Bandwidth in Windows 11 The frequency at which a bandwidth-intensive device (a server) receives data or the speed (in B/KBps) of each data response is limited (throttled) by bandwidth throttling. If these constraints are not in place, the device’s processing capacity may be exceeded. When assessing the price for new consumers, services … Read more

How To Run Troubleshooters in Windows 11 (Complete Guide)

Windows 11 troubleshooting: How to use troubleshooters in windows

Overview – Troubleshooting Windows 11 Windows Troubleshooter is a built-in troubleshooting utility that allows users to automatically find and fix common issues without having to reset the computer and set up the operating system from scratch. It seems that some of the software or hardware components in your version of Windows are malfunctioning and you’re … Read more

How To Rename Your PC in Windows 11 (All Ways)

how to change pc name in windows

Overview – Change Computer Name in Windows The Computer Name is used to recognize other computers on a network and identify BlueTooth, Hotspot, and other connections using the host’s name (computer name). Once the computer name is assigned, and Bluetooth is turned on, the same device name will be displayed. It’s difficult to recollect the … Read more

Refresh Environment Variables in Windows 11 (Without Reboot)

how to refresh environment variables in windows

Overview – Environment Variables in Windows It seems that you’re learning to program and trying to refresh environment variables in Windows 11 without rebooting your computer and restarting your project and disrupting the workflow. The Windows OS provides a way for system administrators to change the values of environment variables in the registry. A special … Read more

How To Swap Left and Right Mouse Buttons in Windows 11

how to swap left and right buttons in windows

Overview – Invert Mouse Buttons in Windows According to research and statistical data, 10% of the world’s population is left-handed, and you appear to be one of them. Because the majority of individuals are right-handed, most gadgets, devices, and software are designed to accommodate them. However, Microsoft created the Windows operating system with accessibility in … Read more

How To Fix ‘This Program Is Blocked By Group Policy’ in Windows 11

how to fix the program blocked by group policy in windows 11

Overview – This Program is Blocked by Group Policy It feels frustrating when you try to launch a program on your device and it states “This Program Is Blocked By Group Policy”. The main cause of this problem is that some third-party software with administrative privileges enabled the Software Restriction Policy in the Group Policy, … Read more