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How To Reset Local Group Policy in Windows 11 [Completely]

reset all group policy settings in windows 11

It seems that you have misconfigured the group policy settings mistakenly while modified it, due to which you are facing some functionality and usability issues while operating the device. Before we proceed further, If your device is connected to an Active Directory or a corporate network, then these methods will not apply since the Network … Read more

How To Disable Widgets on Windows 11 [All Possible Ways]

how to disable widgets in windows 11

Overview – Remove Widgets in Windows The prime motive for Microsoft to incorporate Widgets in Windows 11 was to enhance productivity and personalization, making the operating system more user-friendly, and utilizing the data, and Ai to improve Human-Computer Interaction. But, it seems that you don’t use this feature often and want to save some RAM … Read more

How To Block Users from Installing Programs in Windows 11

prevent users from installing software windows

Overview – Block Users from Installing a Program in Windows It appears that you are a system administrator in an organization searching various methods to stop users from installing apps in Windows, or You’re a parent who wants to prevent your child from spending too much time playing online games by stopping programs from being … Read more

How To Stop Apps from Running in Background on Windows 11

how to stop apps from running in background in windows 11

Overview – Stop Background Apps in Windows 11 Do you want to increase your device’s performance and reduce internet data consumption just by stopping background apps in Windows? Some applications keep running in the background checking for updates, using the scripts, excessive battery consumption, and moreover using extra internet data and Hardware resources including RAM, … Read more

How To Run Command Prompt on Startup in Windows 11

how to run command prompt on startup in windows 11

Overview – Run Command Prompt on Startup It appears that you are a programmer or learning Command-Line, and you want to open Command Prompt on startup instead of opening it manually every time you boot your computer. Let’s breakdown what we are going to cover by the end of this article: Run Command Prompt at … Read more

How To Disable Visual Effects in Windows 11 [Boost Speed]

how to disable visual effects in windows 11

Overview – Disable Visual Effects in Windows 11 It appears you want to disable visual effects to boost the performance of your device, or you are finding the new User Interface of Windows 11 too overwhelming. The visual effects mainly include the drop shadows, smooth edges, transparency effects (also called Glassmorphism UI effect), smoother transitions, … Read more

How To Backup Registry Automatically in Windows 11 [5 Steps]

how to backup registry automatically in windows 11

Overview – Backup Registry Automatically It appears that you keep making changes in your device configuration frequently and at the same time keep it maintained. That’s why you’d like to back up your Windows registry automatically. By the end of this article, you will be able to backup registry automatically in Windows 11 with Task … Read more

How to Hide/Unhide Recycle Bin Icon from Desktop in Windows 11

how to remove recycle bin on desktop in windows

Overview – Remove Recycle Bin Icon Do you prefer keeping your desktop clean and only the recycle bin is interrupting, or, Do you feel keeping too many files on desktop makes the device work slower than usual, so we should remove unnecessary files? If so, you are on the right article. Before we begin, if … Read more

How to Record Any Meeting Without Host’s Permission in PC

How to Record Meetings without Host Permission in Windows Easily

Overview – Recording Meetings without permission Are you tired of​ Asking permission from the host to allow the recording of meetings? ​By the end of this article, you will be able to– Record Meetings in ZOOM without letting anyone know simply by using OBS Studio both on Windows Laptops and PC. Refer to the Screenshot … Read more

Allocate More RAM To Specific Apps in Windows 11 (With Proof)

How to Allocate More RAM in Windows Step By Step

Overview – Allocate More RAM to Specific Apps in Windows 11 Do you want to prioritize one program above another in Windows in order to get better performance? If this is the case, then you need RAM Allocation for specific apps. RAM Allocation for specific programs is a means of prioritizing and allocating more RAM … Read more