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How To Backup Registry Automatically in Windows 11 [5 Steps]

It appears that you keep making changes in your device configuration frequently and at the same time keep it maintained.

That’s why you’d like to back up your Windows registry automatically.

auto backup registry in windows 11 for device maintenance

By the end of this article, you will be able to backup registry automatically in Windows 11 with Task Scheduler.

Step #1: Search for “Task Scheduler” in Start Menu and run as administrator.

task scheduler app icon in windows 11
Task Scheduler App Icon

Step #2: Navigate to Task Scheduler library > Microsoft > Registry from the left sidebar. and Double-Click the ‘RegIdleBackup’ option.

navigate to registry from the left sidebar in task scheduler in windows 11
Navigate to ‘Registry’ Folder

Step #3: The RegidleBackup properties panel will appear. Select the ‘Triggers’ option from the top menu and click the ‘New’ button.

double click the regidlebackup button and choose trigger tab from the pop-up and click the new button
Click on the ‘New’ button

Step #4: Choose the desired trigger from the dropdown menu in the ‘New Trigger’ panel.

You can choose the following triggers in the Task Scheduler:

  1. On a schedule – You can schedule the task on the daily, monthly, weekly and yearly basis at any particular time.
  2. At Log on – When you login from the selected user’s account, the task will be performed automatically.
  3. At Startup – The task will be launched at Windows startup.
  4. On idle – The task will be performed when the system is lying idle for a specific time.
  5. On an event – Schedule the task once a specific event occurs.
  6. At task creation/modification – Task will occur once created or modified.
  7. On connection to user session – Task will occur when remote computer is connected.
  8. On disconnect from user session – Task will occur when remote computer is disconnected.
  9. On workstation lock – Task will be performed once the device is locked by the user.
  10. On workstation unlock – Task will be performed once the device is unlocked by the user.
select trigger and schedule registry backup in windows 11
Select Trigger

Step #5: Once the trigger is set, simply press the ‘OK’ button. Once the registry is auto backed up, it will be stored into the default file path that is C:\Windows\System32\Config\RegBack folder.

finally select trigger and press ok to schedule registry backup windows 11
Press ‘OK’ button

Where is the registry backup located?

Once the registry is backed up, it will be stored into the default file path that is C:\Windows\System32\Config\RegBack folder in your device.

Does Windows automatically backup the registry?

Yes, Windows backup the registry once in 10 days to save the working version, so it can be restored using the command prompt, DISM, and SFC command if corrupted in the future.


We’ve explained how to backup registry in Windows 11 automatically with the task scheduler.

A corrupted Windows registry can potentially result in boot failures, repair loops, and other functionality issues. A system restore point would be more effective than the standard backup feature in this situation.

If your registry is corrupted and the device is not turning on, then restoring the registry via restore point is recommended.

Finally, Let’s recapitulate the steps to auto back up registry:

  1. Open Task Scheduler.
  2. Navigate to Task Scheduler library > Microsoft > Registry.
  3. Double-Click ‘RegIdleBackup’.
  4. Select ‘New’ button.
  5. Choose desired ‘Trigger;.
  6. Press ‘OK’ button.

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