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How To Change Font Size in Windows 11

The Font Size refers to the size of the characters that appear on the screen. Most users will be satisfied with the default font settings, however others may choose to change the font size depending on their needs.

Let’s breakdown what we’re going to cover in this article:

1. Change Font Size using Windows Settings

Step 1: Open the Windows Settings from the Start menu or press the “Windows Logo Key + I” key combination.

windows setting app in windows 11
Windows Settings App

Step 2: Select the “Accessibility” tab from the left sidebar and click the “Text Size” on the right pane.

select the accessibility tab and click the text size button in windows settings
Accessibility Tab > Text Size

Step 3: To increase the text size, drag the slider to the right and click the “Apply” button to make changes take effect.

drag the slider to increase font size in windows
Drag the Slider
preview the changed text size
Preview the Changed Text Size
text size changed in windows using windows settings
Changed Text Size

2. Change Font Size using Layout Scaling

Step 1: Open the Windows Settings from the Start menu or press the “Windows Logo key + I” key combination on the keyboard.

Step 2: Select the “System” tab from the left sidebar and click the “Display” button.

go to the display settings in system tab in windows 11 settings
Display Settings

Step 3: Scroll and select the desired scale from the dropdown menu under the scale & layout section.

select the desired scale from dropdown menu under scale and layout section
Adjust Scale and Layout
added scaling to increase text size in windows
Added Scaling

Note: To add custom scaling, click the Scale button, add the desired scaling and click the “Tick” button on the right side to save changes.

custom scaling applied to change layout size in windows, now restart apps to apply scaling
Custom Scaling Settings

3. Change Font Size using Built-In Windows Utility: Magnifier App

Step 1: In the Start menu, click the “All apps” button.

click the "all apps" button in start menu
Start Menu > “All Apps” Button

Step 2: Scroll and click the “Windows Ease of Access” folder.

"Windows Ease of Access" Folder in Start Menu
“Windows Ease of Access” Folder

Step 3: Click the “Magnifier” app.

select the magnifier app from start menu
Start Menu > Magnifier App

Step 4: To increase the layout size, click the “+” button. Click the “-” button to decrease the size.

click the + button to increase size and - button to decrease size
“+” and “-” buttons

1. Change Font Size in Browsers using Browser Settings

Step 1: Open the browser for which you want to change the font size.

Step 2: Click the vertical menu on the top-right side of the window and select the “Settings” button.

click the three dots menu and select settings button in browser
Three Dots Menu > Settings

Step 3: Click the “Appearance” tab from the left sidebar and select the desired font size from the dropdown menu on the right pane.

click the appearance button from left sidebar and choose the desired font size in browser
Appearance Tab > Desired Font Size
font size changed in browser
Font Size Changed in Browser

2. Change Font Size For Browser using Keyboard Shortcut

To increase the font size in browsers, press the “Ctrl and +” key combination on the keyboard. Press the “Ctrl and -” key combination to decrease the font size in browser.

change font size using keyboard shortcut in browser
Keyboard Shortcut to Change Font Size in Browser

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Step 1: Open the Control Panel from the Start menu.

control panel icon in windows 11
Control Panel Icon

Step 2: Click the “Appearance and Personalization” button.

click the appearance and personalization button in control panel
“Appearance and Personalization” Button

Step 3: Select the “Change Font Settings” option.

click the change font settings option in control panel
“Change Font Settings” option

Step 4: Click the “Restore default font settings” button and click the “OK” button.

click the "restore font settings" button in control panel
“Restore Font Settings” Button
reset font settings to default in windows using control panel
Font Settings Reset to Default

Next Steps

We’ve covered how to change text size in Windows 11 along some alternative ways to do so.

Depending on your requirements, eyesight and ease of seeing, you can adjust the font size of monitor by following the different methods listed above. In case, some custom font settings gets misconfigured, you can reset it to default by using the control panel, as explained above.

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