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How To Set Up Dual Monitors in Windows 11

It appears that you’re upgrading your work environment and opting for the dual monitor setup to speed up your workflow and improve productivity.

The dual monitor set-up is basically a connection of two monitors connected to a single CPU.

dual monitor setup in windows 11

By the end of this article, you will be able to set up your computer so that it works optimally with two monitors, just like in the image below.

extended dual monitor setup
Dual Monitors

Ensure Proper Deskspace

Make sure to have adequate desk space to set up a dual monitor display, otherwise, you will face spacing issues as space might get congested, which is not a good practice ergonomically.

Electric Safety

It is important to assure proper electricity wiring and flow before setting dual monitors, mainly to avoid unwanted electrical hazards due to improper wiring.

Adequate Technical Resources

You won’t face any problem in terms of display and performance while setting a dual monitor setup if you have a mid-end GPU and mid-end graphics card with a Female 15-pin D-sub port.

Step #1: Connect both the monitors using the VGA Cable or HDMI Cable.

image of hdmi cable and vga cable
HDMI or VGA Cable

Step #2: Right-click on the desktop and select Display Settings. This will open “Display Settings” in Windows Settings App.

right click and select display settings from context menu
Display Settings

Step #3: Press the ‘identify’ button, you will see “1” and “2” mentioned on the screen. Here, “1” is the primary monitor that can be a laptop or a computer highlighted with color, and “2” is the secondary monitor.

press identify button
Identify Button

Step #4: Now comes the placement part, I have my primary monitor placed on the right, so I have settings as shown in the image. If you want to switch the settings, you can just click and drag the monitor icon as desired.

In short, simply configure the monitor icons just the way that the actual monitors are kept in your immediate surroundings.

This is how it looks.

Monitor Placement for Dual Monitor Setup
Dual Monitor Placement

Step #5: After placing monitors in the correct position, scroll down the display settings and select the “Extended Display” option from the drop-down menu. Check the box “Make this my main display” and click Apply.

select extend these displays option
“Extend These Displays” Option


If you have a lot of work to do and deadlines to meet, a dual monitor setup can help you stay productive. You can use a two-monitor arrangement instead of constantly switching tabs.


As per a survey conducted by Microsoft Research and Usability Testing Team, the Multi-Monitor Setup can increase productivity by 9% on larger displays, and as per Jon Peddie Research, users utilizing multiple monitors have an average expected productivity of 42%.


Some people might not have adequate space for setting up dual monitor displays. Many people use dual monitors in congested areas, which unintentionally acts as one of the reasons for low productivity at work.


Having more monitors means, having more sources of distractions. It can psychologically distract a person from work.


When you use a dual display setup, the video card, and graphics card in the CPU are divided between both the displays depending on the usage.


The more monitors you have, the more electricity you will use, and the higher your electricity costs will be. You can purchase a Second Display if you are willing to spend some extra fees in exchange for increased productivity.

Can we connect Three or More Monitors with VGA Cable?

Yes, you can connect many displays together. This is referred to as Multi-Monitor Setup. You’ll need a VGA Splitter to connect multiple monitors.

Does dual monitor setup affect performance?

If you are using GPU and graphics card for your tasks, then you will face some minor performance issues and slight lags frequently, but if your tasks mainly depend on CPU usage, then you won’t face any noticeable issues.

Next Steps

So, after weighing the benefits and drawbacks, you may decide whether to use the extended two monitor PC arrangement or not.

To recap, having a dual monitor configuration has a lot of advantages. You can do more in less time if you use one screen for email or social media and the other for your current job. You may enhance your productivity even more by using a dual monitor setup to expand your workspace.

Further, improve and customize the dual monitors by following the related articles below.

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