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How to Enable and Configure Storage Sense in Windows 11

It seems that you’re tired of frequent storage issues on your Windows OS and looking for some automation to clean unused files from the system.

Storage Sense is a built-in Windows feature assigned the task of monitoring and freeing up the device’s space automatically. Whenever your computer is low on storage, this feature will automatically clean up the junk files in recycle bin, temporary files, and cached data.

fix storage issues in windows using storage sense
Automate Storage Cleaning in Windows 11

In this way, your Windows can take care of itself in terms of maintaining sufficient storage so you can perform other important tasks.

By the end of this article, you will be able to understand how to turn on storage sense in Windows 11:

Step #1: Type and open the “Windows Settings” from the Start menu or press the “Windows + I” key combination.

windows setting app in windows 11
Windows Settings App

Step #2: Select the “System” option from the left sidebar and click the “Storage” option.

click the storage option in system settings
Storage option

Step #3: Toggle on the “Storage Sense” button.

toggle on the storage sense option
Toggle on the button

Windows will utilize the default Storage Sense settings if you don’t adjust it yourself. To avoid untimely data deletion, it is advised that you configure it according to your preferences; it is also a one-time effort.

Step #1: In the Storage Sense settings, toggle on the “Keep Windows running smoothly by automatically cleaning up temporary system and app files” option and the “Automatic User Content Cleanup” option.

check the "keep windows running smoothly by automatically cleaning up temporary system and app files" option and "automatic user content cleanup" option
“Clean Temporary Files” and “User Content Cleanup” option

Step #2: Set desired time range when to run storage sense.

configure when to run the run storage sense automatically
When To Run Storage Sense

Step #3: Set time range to delete the files in recycle bin. Once the time interval is set, storage sense will delete the files in the recycle bin automatically.

set time range after which recycle bin files will be deleted with storage sense
Delete Files and Folders In Recycle Bin with Storage Sense

Step #4: Set the time range to delete files in the download folder. Once the time interval is set, storage sense will delete the files in the Downloads folder” automatically.

set when to delete files, folders, and apps in downloads folder with storage sense
Delete Files and Folders In Downloads Folder with Storage Sense

Automate Storage Cleaning

Lack of storage available on the computers is one of the common problems faced by users. To overcome that, Storage Sense can be very helpful in cleaning the unused files, folders, documents, etc, and freeing up storage in Windows.

Time Saving

It would be very convenient to automate the cleaning of unused files in windows, so you can focus on the work that holds more importance and matters for you the most.

Uncertain File Deletions

You might end up deleting necessary files if the storage sense is not configured properly on your system.

The configuration totally depends on your own needs and preferences, so it’s better to spend some time configuring it once and for all.

What time of day does storage Sense run?

By default, the storage sense will run when your computer is running on low disk space. However, if you’ve configured the storage sense manually, then, the time at which it executes depends on your custom configurations.

Is storage Sense turned on by default?

No, by default, the storage sense is turned off on Windows. When you turn it on, it will automatically notify you and delete the used space according to the settings you specify.

Can Storage Sense clean virus from the computer?

Yes, if storage sense cleans virus-infected data automatically, then there is a high possibility that it will completely clear the virus from your computer.

Why does my Windows 11 not have storage sense?

Storage Sense may or may not be pre-activated by default on the version of Windows 11 you are using. You may use Windows Search to find the storage option by searching ‘Storage Sense’ in the start menu. Now, simply toggle it on.

I wish I could tell you that turning on the Storage Sense in Windows will serve the purpose to free up storage but actually, it won’t, until it’s configured properly.

It’s very crucial to configure the Storage Sense properly otherwise it might clean your important files, and documents stored in the local storage in your computer. Its configuration depends on your requirements and it’s not mandatory to copy the same settings as in the screenshots above.

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