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How To Delete Restore Points in Windows 11 (All Methods)

A restore point is a copy of your system that may be used to revert recent modifications. If difficulties arise, you might be able to utilize the information in the restore point registry entry to track down and undo the modifications that caused the issues.

It seems that you want to save some storage and clutter-free your computer by removing the unused configurations or replacing them with new ones.

Windows allows the users to delete all the restore points at once or delete selected restore points. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to delete system restore points on Windows 11:

Step 1: In the Start menu, search “Create a Restore point” and open the app.

'create a restore point' icon in windows
‘Create a restore point’ Icon

Step 2: In the system protection tab, click the “System Restore” point.

click the system restore button
‘System Restore’ button

Step 3: Click the “Next” button and the list of available system restore points appear.

select the previous system restore point and press the next button
Select ‘Restore Point’

Step 1: In the Start menu, search “Create a Restore point“, and open the app.

Step 2: In the system protection tab, click the “Configure” button.

configure settings to enable restore point in windows
“Configure” Button

Step 3: Click the “Delete” button and select the “Continue” button to delete all restore points.

click the delete button to delete all restore points using system properties
“Delete” Button

Step 1: In the Start menu, search for the “Disk Cleanup” tool and run it as an administrator.

disk cleanup app icon in windows 11
Disk Cleanup App Icon

Step 2: Select the main drive (C: drive) from the dropdown menu.

select the main drive in which restore point is stored in disk cleanup
Primary/Main Drive

Step 3: Select the “More options” tab and click the “Clean up” button under the System Restore and Shadow Copies section.

click the cleanup button to delete all restore points in windows using disk cleanup
“Clean Up” Button

Note: In some versions of Windows, the disk might include file shadow copies and older Windows Complete PC Backup images as part of restore points. All the information regarding them will also be deleted.

Step 1: In the Start menu, search for “Command Prompt” and run it as an administrator.

command prompt icon in windows 11
Command Prompt (CMD) Icon

Step 2: To list all the restore Points in cmd, type the following command and press the enter key to execute it:
vssadmin list shadows.

command to list all restore points and shadow copies in windows
List all restore points in Windows

Step 3: To delete a selected recovery drive, type the following command:
vssadmin delete shadows /Shadow={shadow copy ID}

command to delete restore point and shadow copies in windows
Delete the Selected Restore Point

Note: To delete all restore points at once using the command prompt, type the command: vssadmin delete shadows /all and press the enter key to execute.

Step 1: Download and Install CCleaner on your computer.

Step 2: Select the “Tools” bar from the left sidebar.

Step 3: Select the “System Restore” button, choose the restore point that you want to delete and click the “Remove” button.

Should I delete the system restore points in Windows?

Yes, you can erase system restore points in Windows if your current version of Windows is running perfectly great with no bugs, performance concerns, or other problems, and you have no plans to revert to a previous version of Windows.

Is it safe to delete restore points in Windows 11?

The deletion of system restore points depends on the working condition of your device. If your device is working fine without any issues, and you’re planning not to perform any custom configurations on your computer, then, it’s safe to delete all the restore points, otherwise, from the safe side, it’s recommended to keep the latest restore point undeleted.

Next Steps

We’ve covered how to delete the restore points in Windows 11.

The restore points generally work as a snapshot of the earlier stable version of Windows that you can restore in case your computer’s default settings are misconfigured and leading to frequent issues. You can remove

Further, configure the computer’s settings to customize it depending on your preferences.

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