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How to Install and Use Connect App on Windows 11 (Wireless Display)

Connect App in Windows allows the user to connect two devices with different user interfaces including laptops, computers, smartphones, and tablets over the same internet connection to cast and project displays to watch videos, movies, presentations, etc.

It involves the devices to be connected to the same network to project displays, so before we begin make sure that your mobile and PC are connected to the same network.

connect app windows 11

By the end of this article, you will be able to install connect app in Windows 11:

Step 1: Open the Windows Settings from the Start menu.

windows setting app in windows 11
Windows Settings App

Step 2: Select the “Apps” option from the left sidebar and select the “Optional Features” button.

select optional features option in app section in windows 11 settings
“Optional Features” Button

Step 3: Select the “View Features” button.

view optional features in windows 11 settings
“View Features” Button

Step 4: A dialog box appears listing the windows optional features. Check the ‘Wireless Display’ option and press the ‘Next’ button.

select the wireless display option and click the next button
“Wireless Display” option

Step 5: Press the Install button and wait until the feature is installed.

installing wireless display app in windows 11
Installing Connect App

Once it is installed, the Connect App Icon will be visible in the Start Menu.

If the connect app is not installed on your device using optional features in Windows Settings due to technical conflicts, then you can try installing it using the command prompt.

Step 1: Open the Command Prompt from the Start menu and run it as an administrator.

command prompt icon in windows 11
Command Prompt (CMD) Icon

Step 2: Type the following command and press the enter key:
DISM /Online /Add-Capability /CapabilityName:App.WirelessDisplay.Connect~~~~

command to install connect app in windows 11 using command prompt
Command to install Connect App

Now, we’ve successfully installed connect app using the command prompt, let’s move further and check how to use connect app and project mobile screen in Windows.

Step 1: Open the Connect App from the Start menu on your PC.

connect app icon in windows 11
Connect App Icon

Step 2: On your phone, swipe down to open the notification bar and select the ‘Cast’ option. If you don’t find the cast button in the notification panel, go to settings and search for ‘Cast’.

Step 3: Select your PC name from the list of the available devices on your phone and your phone will start projecting the screen on your PC.

Note: If your device doesn’t have a cast feature, then, you can install 3rd party applications such as MiraCast from Google Play Store on your phone for screen mirroring in Windows.

We’ve covered two methods to install connect app in Windows 11 with Command Prompt and Windows Settings along with the steps to use the Connect App and mirror phone to PC.

Further, customize your computer’s configuration by following the related articles below.

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