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How To Reset Network Adapters in Windows 11

It looks you are having trouble surfing/connecting to the internet on your device after a Windows Update or after switching from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

There is a high possibility that your network adapter is malfunctioning due to the system updates. The Updates are very crucial for Windows Security and Performance but sometimes cause code conflicts between software and the Operating System, thus resulting in drivers’ misconfiguration.

reset network adapters in windows 11

By the end of this article, you will be able to understand how to reset network adapter in Windows:

Unsure about Malfunctioning of Network Adapters

When the internet is not working on your device, first contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and verify if the backend and networks on their end are working fine. Once assured, check other devices if they are working fine on the same internet connection, this ensures that only your device is facing trouble connecting to the internet and then you should reset network adapters.

Names and Passwords of Connected Wi-Fi Network

Once you perform the network reset, all the network settings will be refreshed and you will have to re-enter the password to connect to your home or work network.

VPN Settings

Once you reset the network settings, you’ll lose the VPN Settings and after resetting the network adapters, the VPN settings will set to default. If you are using a corporate network and connected to their VPN, it’s recommended to contact the network administrator to reset the network settings on your device.

Windows Backup

Before resetting a network adapter, make sure you have a complete backup of your Windows. If a technical problem arises due to any reason, the entire system may end up crashing.

Ensure Proper Backup and Plug In Device.

If you’re using a PC, make sure the UPS is turned on and charged to offer a backup, and if you’re using a laptop, make sure the charger is properly connected because the system may crash if the process is interrupted.

Using this method, you’ll be able to reset all network adapters at once.

Step #1: Open Windows Settings from the Start Menu.

windows setting app in windows 11
Windows Settings App

Step #2: Select the ‘Network and Internet’ option from the left sidebar/navigation pane and select the ‘Advanced Network Settings’ option to manage the network settings.

click the "network and internet" settings button and choose the "advanced network" settings option
Advanced Network Settings

Step #3: Select the ‘Network Reset’ option under the More Settings Section.

select the "network reset" option in advanced network settings
‘Network Reset’ option

Step #4: Click the ‘Reset Now’ option.

click the "reset now" option
‘Reset Now’ option

Step #5: Now a confirmation panel will appear in form of a pop-up. Finally, press the ‘Yes’ button to reset the network adapter.

finally press the "yes" button to reset network adapter in windows 11
Press the ‘Yes’ button

Step #6: A notification panel stating that your device will restart 5 Minutes from Now. The network adapters start to deactivate and device will restart and the network adapters will be reinstalled during the boot.

Till the reset, you can use the device for 5 minutes to shut down the running applications and you cannot use the internet during this time period.

shutdown warning after network reset in windows 11
Shutdown Warning Message

Using this method, you’ll be able to reset all network adapters at once.

Step #1: Search for “Command Prompt” in Start Menu and run it as an administrator.

command prompt icon in windows 11
Command Prompt (CMD) Icon

Step #2: Type: netsh Winsock reset and press the enter key.

This command is basically an API (Application Programming Interface) based on UNIX Sockets that is responsible for recovering the Windows from socket errors.

type "netsh winsock reset" command in cmd in windows
Command: netsh Winsock reset

Step #3: Type: netsh int ip reset and press the enter key.

Resetting IP resets and modifies two registry keys used by TCP/IP, thus removing static IP information from all Network Interface Card.

The path of two registry keys in the Windows registry are as follows: SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters, and, SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DHCP\Parameters.

type "netsh int ip reset" command in cmd in windows
Command: netsh int up reset

Step #4: Type: ipconfig /release and press the enter key.

We need to renew the IP Address, so it’s important to remove the old IP Address. That’s what this command does. This command releases the old IP Address from the device so we can renew it using the command below.

type "ipconfig /release" command in cmd in windows
Command: ipconfig /release

Step #5: Type: ipconfig /renew and press the enter key.

This command allows the computer to request a new IP Address from the DHCP server from the router.

type "ipconfig /renew" command in cmd in windows
Command: ipconfig /renew

Step #6: Type: ipconfig /flushdns and press the enter key.

This command is used to remove the outdated information in form of DNS Cache (also called DNS Resolver Cache) stored in the temporary database of your version of Windows.

type "ipconfig /flushdns" command in cmd in windows
Command: ipconfig /flushdns

Step #7: Restart the device to make changes take effect properly.

restart device to make changes take effect in windows
Restart the Device

Using this method, you’ll be able to reset any particular network adapter, one at a time. This method is described in detail in the article about Uninstalling and Reinstalling Windows Drivers.

Step #1: Open the “Device Manager” from the Start menu.

device manager icon in windows 11
Device Manager Icon

Step #2: You’ll see the categories under which the drivers are placed. Click the arrow button on the left side of the Network Adapters category to expand it and you’ll find the names of network adapters.

scroll and expand network adapters section from the list of hardware devices in device manager
Expand the ‘Network Adapters’ Section

Step #3: Right-click the Adapter containing Wi-Fi or Wireless and select the “Uninstall Device” option.

right click the wireless wifi network driver and click the uninstall device option
‘Uninstall Device’ Option

Step #4: Press the ‘Uninstall’ button to uninstall the wireless network adapter

select the uninstall button to uninstall network driver from device in windows 11
Uninstall Button

Step #5: Restart your device and Windows will reinstall the driver during the boot.

restart device to make changes take effect in windows
Restart the Device

Does network reset delete programs?

No, the network reset will reset and fix the network adapters only and none of the programs will be uninstalled from your device.

How long does it take to reset network adapters in Windows?

The network adapters reset will take about 2-5 minutes depending on the size of the driver. Usually, it takes a normal restart to update any driver in Windows.

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