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How To Turn Off Sticky Keys in Windows 11 (All Methods)

It looks like you’ve turned on the sticky keys by mistake by pressing the “Shift” key five times continuously and hearing some background sounds when the modifier keys (such as Shift Key, Ctrl key, Windows key, and Function key) are pressed.

Some people with impairments suffering from binding constant disorders are benefitted from the sticky keys. When this feature is enabled, you can tap any modifier key instead of holding it down, and it will remain down until you press another key.

It may appear confusing. To better comprehend this feature, press the “Shift” key five times in a row to enable Sticky Keys on Windows. Then, using the mouse, click any input field on your computer, press the “Shift” key once, and type a letter (not a word). The letter will be in capital letters. When the sticky keys are enabled, you don’t have to hold down the “Shift Key” to enter the initial capital letter.

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to turn off sticky keys on your computer:

Note: This method will disable the sticky keys permanently.

Step 1: Open the Control Panel from the Start menu and click the “Ease of Access” button.

select the ease of access option in control panel
“Ease of Access” option

Step 2: Click the “Change how your keyboard works” button.

select the "Change how your keyboard works" option
“Change how your keyboard works” option

Step 3: Uncheck the “Turn on Toggle Keys” option and press the “Apply” button.

toggle off the sticky keys option and press the apply button
Toggle off the Sticky Keys

Note: This method will disable the sticky keys permanently.

Step 1: Open the Windows Settings from the Start menu or press the “Windows key + I” key combination.

windows setting app in windows 11
Windows Settings App

Step 2: Select the “Accessibility” button from the left sidebar and click the “Keyboard” option.

select the keyboard option in accessibility settings
“Keyboard” option

Step 3: Click the “Sticky Keys” option.

click the sticky keys option
“Sticky Keys” option

Step 4: Toggle off the “Keyboard shortcut for Sticky keys” option and the sticky keys will be disabled.

toggle off the keyboard shortcut for sticky keys
Toggle off the Sticky Keys Keyboard Shortcut

Note: This method will NOT disable the sticky keys permanently.

Method 1: The sticky keys can be disabled by pressing the “Shift” key five times in a row on your keyboard.

Method 2: To disable sticky keys, press any two keys at the same time. For example, press the “Ctrl + C” key combination.

Are sticky keys good for gaming?

It depends on the game, if the game involves holding down the modifier keys, then you can enable and utilize the sticky keys in Windows.

What is the difference between the sticky keys and filter keys?

The sticky keys are designed for people facing difficulty to keep holding the key combinations together on a keyboard. The filter keys re-configure and modify the keyboard response time to ignore the keys that are pressed repeatedly.

Next Steps

We’ve covered how to turn on sticky keys on Windows. To turn off the sticky keys, you can use any of the methods that you find to be the most convenient and easy to follow.

The sticky keys could be handy for applications that require you to continually press a single key to complete a task. Sticky keys are useful if you don’t like holding the key down for long periods of time.

Further, customize your device’s configuration by following the related articles below.

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