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How To Repair Apps and Programs in Windows 11

It appears that your apps are malfunctioning due to misconfiguration and incompatibility issues.

Please keep in mind that each piece of software has its own set of configurations, so whether or not it will repair itself is entirely up to the software.

By the end of this article, you will be able to:

1. Repair Apps in Windows 11 with Windows Settings
(mainly used to repair In-built Programs)

2. Repair Apps in Windows 11 with Control Panel
(mainly used to repair 3rd Party programs)

Before we begin, it’s mandatory to know that this method works best for the applications that support In-built Repair, such as most of the Microsoft Store programs.

Step #1: Go to Windows Settings App using Start Menu press the ‘Windows Key + I’ key combination.

windows setting app in windows 11
Windows Settings App

Step #2: Click the ‘Apps’ option on the left sidebar/navigation pane and select the ‘Apps and Features’ option.

click apps button and select apps and features option
‘Apps and Features’ option

Step #3: Click on the 3-Dots Vertical Menu (Kebab Menu) of the App that you want to repair and select the ‘Advanced Options’ button.

Note that this feature will be available for programs that support Repair.

click the kebab menu and select advanced options button
Advanced options

Step #4: Scroll and click the ‘Repair’ button and the repair will begin.

click the repair option to initiate app repair in windows 11
‘Reset’ button

Before we begin, it’s important to note that this approach may be utilized with third-party software for repair reasons; the only requirement is that the program support in-built repair.

Step #1: Go to Control Panel App using Start Menu.

control panel icon in windows 11
Control Panel Icon

Step #2: Click the “Uninstall a program” option.

select uninstall a program option in control panel
‘Uninstall a Program’ option

Step #3: Single-Click the Program that you want to repair and choose the ‘Change’ option from the top bar and click the ‘Repair’ button after selecting the ‘Change’ option.

The ‘Change’ option varies depending on the Program’s Configuration and sometimes you might see the ‘Repair’ option directly.

click the repair option from the top menu to repair the program
‘Repair’ option

Does repairing apps reinstall the application?

When you repair files, the program performs a software integrity check, which means it checks to see if all of the files in the installed package are there. If some files are missing or corrupt, they will be recovered and fixed and the application will resume normal operation.

Does repairing applications delete program files?

Usually, repairing software will only erase damaged files and replace them with functional copies.


Using this method, you can easily repair apps in Windows 11.

We’ve covered the following points:

#1. Repair Apps with Windows Settings – This method is mainly used to repair the built-in apps and programs.

#2. Repair Apps with Control Panel – This method is mainly used to repair 3rd Party Apps and Programs installed by the user.

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