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Disable/Enable Desktop Background Slideshow in Windows 11

It appears that you’re obsessed with the continuously changing desktop background.

You can choose various images collectively and display them in the desktop background in the slideshow form. You can also change the timing of the image transitions, image size, whether or not to shuffle photos, and whether or not to switch the slideshow on or off while charging.

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to enable/disable slideshow on your PC/laptop:

Step #1: Open the ‘Windows Settings‘ from the start menu or press the ‘Windows key + I’ Key Combination.

windows setting app in windows 11
Windows Settings App

Step #2: Click the ‘Personalization’ option from the left sidebar and select the ‘Background’ option.

select the background option in the personalization section
‘Background’ option

Step #3: To enable slideshows, select the ‘Slideshow’ option from the dropdown menu.

select slideshow option from the dropdown menu
‘Slideshow’ option

Step #4: Choose the picture album for the slideshow by clicking the ‘Browse’ button. Set the time after which you want to change the background wallpaper from the dropdown menu. Select whether or not you want to shuffle the picture order and whether or not to run the slideshow when the device isn’t charging.

explaining slideshow settings in windows  11 such as how to choose images that are to be added in the slideshow, time of transition between the images, shuffling the images, turn slideshow on or off and image fitting in the background
Explaining Slideshow settings

Note: To disable slideshows, select the ‘Picture’ option or the ‘Solid Color’ option from the dropdown menu.

Step #1: Type and open the ‘Edit Power Plan’ from the start menu.

select the edit power plan option
‘Edit Power Plan’

Step #2: Click the “Change advanced power settings” option and the ‘power options’ panel will appear in the new window.

select the change advanced power settings option
Change Advanced Power Settings

Step #3: Click the [+] button and expand the ‘Desktop background settings’ option. Again click the [+] button to expand the ‘Slideshow’ option.

select the [+] plus button to expand the section
IP Assessment > Edit

Step #4: You need to configure settings according to your requirements. Depending on the power plan whether during charging or on battery, change the buttons to available if you want to allow the Desktop background slide show, and to Paused if you want to disable it and press the ‘Apply’ button.

change desktop slideshow using power plan settings
Change Desktop Slideshow Settings

Does Slideshow consume more battery?

Yes, the desktop background slideshow consumes more battery as compared to static desktop wallpaper. However, it’s perfectly fine to use it while your laptop/PC is charging and not on battery.

Does wallpaper slideshow slow down computer?

The slideshow wallpaper keeps running in the background, thus consuming slightly excessive graphics memory for rendering continuously. So on that basis, yes, the slideshow wallpaper can slightly reduce the performance of your computer.

In this article, we’ve covered how to enable/disable slideshow in Windows 11.

Using the customization controls in the slideshow settings, the behavior of slideshows can be easily modified depending on your preferences. Also, if you don’t like the slideshow, you can disable it.

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