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How To Run Troubleshooters in Windows 11 (Complete Guide)

Windows Troubleshooter is a built-in troubleshooting utility that allows users to automatically find and fix common issues without having to reset the computer and set up the operating system from scratch.

It seems that some of the software or hardware components in your version of Windows are malfunctioning and you’re finding a way out.

examples of troubleshooters in windows 11 such as network troubleshooter, windows store troubleshooter, video playback troubleshooter, search and indexing troubleshooter, audio troubleshooter, maintenance troubleshooter, windows updates troubleshooter, camera or webcam troubleshooter, compatibility troubleshooter, keyboard troubleshooter, Bluetooth troubleshooter, and power troubleshooter.
Examples of Troubleshooters in Windows

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to troubleshoot Windows 11:

Step 1: Open the Windows Settings from the Start menu.

windows setting app in windows 11
Windows Settings App

Step 2: Select the “System” section from the left sidebar and click the “Troubleshoot” button.

click the troubleshoot option
“Troubleshoot” option

Step 3: Click the “Other Troubleshooters” button.

click the other troubleshooters option
“Other Troubleshooters” option

Step 4: Select the desired troubleshooter and click the “Run” button to initiate the troubleshooting.

select the desired troubleshooter
Select Desired Troubleshooter
troubleshooter detecting problems in windows
Detecting Problems
problems found and fixed using running troubleshooter in windows
Problems Found and Fixed

Step 1: Open the Control Panel from the Start menu.

control panel icon in windows 11
Control Panel Icon

Step 2: Select the “Large Icons” category from the dropdown menu.

select the large icons category from the dropdown menu
Large Icons Category

Step 3: Click the “Troubleshooting” button.

select the troubleshooting button
“Troubleshooting” Button

Step 4: Click the “View all” button from the left sidebar.

select the view all button from the left sidebar in troubleshooting section in control panel
“View All” Button

Step 5: Click the troubleshooter that you need to run.

select the troubleshooter that you want to run
Select the desired Troubleshooter

  • Background Intelligent Transfer Service: It is involved in background data transfer and windows updates. Fix problems regarding BITS service using the BITS troubleshooter.
  • Bluetooth: Fix issues regarding bluetooth connectivity with external devices including mobiles and other PCs.
  • Camera:
  • Connection to a Workplace Using DirectAccess:
  • Hardware and Devices: It includes the hardware devices and computer’s drivers. Use this troubleshooter to fix the driver and hardware interaction problems.
  • HomeGroup: Finds and fix problems with HomeGroup network and sharing settings.
  • Incoming Connections: Checks to see if the Windows Firewall is obstructing essential inbound connections and offering assistance in unblocking them.
  • Internet Connections: Detects and fixes problems with Internet connection and loading websites.
  • Internet Explorer Performance: Fix problems leading to reduced performance of Internet Explorer and fixes them.
  • Internet Explorer Safety: Identifies and fix settings leading to security and privacy breaches via internet explorer.
  • Keyboard: Fixes keyboard drivers problems.
  • Network Adapter: Search and fix the network drivers related problems causing network connectivity issues.
  • Playing Audio: Scans for problems that can prevent sound from playing properly.
  • Power: Detects the battery usage and drainage issues in Windows to increase the overall battery life.
  • Printer: Finds and Fixes problems with external printers and scanners.
  • Program Compatability Troubleshooter: Configures the best compatibility settings that are capable to run programs in previous stable versions in Windows.
  • Recording Audio: Detects and fixes the problems leading to bad sound recording quality.
  • Search and Indexing: Fixes problems leading to search and indexing issues in Windows Search.
  • Shared Folders: Identifies and solves issues interrupting shared network folders while functioning.
  • Speech: Fixes the Windows Speech recognition problems.
  • System Maintenance: Checks to see if the built-in system maintenance activities are functioning properly, and if not, repairs the problem.
  • Video Playback: Fixes problems cauing the video playback completely not working or buffering frequently in Windows.
  • Windows Media Player DVD: Fixes issues that can prevent DVDs from playing in Windows Media Player.
  • Windows Media Player Library: Repairs issues with Windows Media Player media library.
  • Windows Media Player Settings: Fixes issues with Windows Media Player’s settings.
  • Windows Store Apps: Fix problems in Windows store applications adn Universal Windows Platform (UWP).
  • Windows Update: Fix issues that cause Windows updates to pause or completely stop during the updation phase.

Here are some possible solutions that you can follow if the built-in Windows troubleshooter is unable to troubleshoot problems:

Restart your computer

Sometimes the running applications create hindrance while troubleshooting the Windows. It’s a good idea to restart your computer and try using the troubleshooter again.

Perform a Clean Boot

There is a possibility that some third-party applications are causing code bloats and OS incompatibility. Simply, perform a clean boot on Windows and restart the Windows troubleshooting.
Read More: How To Clean Boot Windows 11.

Boot the Windows in Safe Mode

Booting into the safe mode is one of the most efficient ways to diagnose problems in Windows. Simply start the Windows in Safe Mode and perform the troubleshooting process.

Next Steps

We’ve gone through how to use troubleshooters in Windows 11 as well as a list of troubleshooters that may be used to resolve the related issues.

Troubleshooting is one of the simplest methods we can utilize to fix specific problems in computers automatically.

The Windows troubleshooters do not always operate as intended. Some methods for resolving this problem are provided above. Hopefully, you’re able to troubleshoot the issues properly.

Further, customize your Windows by following the related articles below.

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